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Erbol Utesinov
Our company specializes in providing the following services
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Subsoil Use Consulting
We provide expert advice related to the legal and regulatory aspects of mining. Our experts will help you understand the complex legal area and provide the necessary recommendations.
Search for deposits in the Republic of Kazakhstan
We conduct geological research and data analysis to identify potential mineral deposits in accordance with your requirements and interests.
Formation of an application for obtaining a license for exploration, production of solid minerals, common minerals, technogenic mineral formations, placers
We will help you prepare and issue a complete package of documents for obtaining various mining licenses.
Preparation and submission of geological reports
Our experienced specialists will prepare geological reports, including the preparation of an justification of the impact on the environment, a Draft of mining and geological zoning, a Mining Plan and other required documents.
Carrying out the extraction of solid minerals, common minerals, technogenic mineral formations, placers
We offer services for the organization and coordination of mining operations, including technical support and process control.

Our contacts in Moscow and Almaty

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